B-Gifted Foundation

Creativity and Technology to Address Human Rights, Enhance Peace and Development  


  We Address Human Rights, We Enhance Peace and Development.  

'Peace is not only a core human value, but a core human rights, peace is the 'sine qua non' of flourishing democracy and the realization of human rights in general'. Photo credit: Kirk Torregrossa


Jeanne Sauve Scholar and founder of B-Gifted journeys back to his roots to show some love to children in dire circumstances bringing moments of light, joy and a radiance of hope to Sierra Leone kids.








B-Gifted Foundation is short for:

(Benson-Greene International Foundation Towards Enhancing Development)

and is Registered with the Ministry of Social Welfare, Gender and Children's Affairs in Sierra Leone and the National Youth Commission (NAYCOM) of Sierra Leone.

The B-Gifted Foundation was founded by a McGill University Canada Jeanne Sauve Scholar in 2007 through the Ministry of Social Welfare, Gender and Children’s Affairs in Sierra Leone. B-Gifted Foundation is a non profit Organization that uses creativity and technology to address human rights (including women and children's rights), environmental rights, enhance peace and sustainable development in Sierra Leone and across Africa, whilst seeking to alleviate poverty through creative approaches. It was founded by a McGill University Sauvé Scholar, Andrew Benson Greene, Jr., for the purpose of helping the people of Sierra Leone rebuild their lives and establish a society based on nonviolent cooperation, following a decade of war and violence. It was also named in honour of his father who bears the same name (Andrew Benson Greene Snr of blessed memory).  Our program gives hope to the people for a future of sustainable development and human dignity by promoting friendship, peace, and collaboration." Our efforts in achieving this involves promoting social justice legislature, conducting non-violence workshops for people in Sierra Leone and other countries, organizing peace clubs in Schools, engaging women and young people in technology for global interaction and education, creativity and arts that foster peace, human rights and social justice.








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