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Patrick F. Lamboi  - Foundation Board of Director

       Patrick F. Lamboi has worked for several humanitarian and developmental organizations in Sierra Leone. He is currently the  Programme Assistant - Peace Building Fund Secretariat (PBFS) at the Office of the Executive Representative of the United Nations (ERSG), and United Nations Development Program- (UNDP) Sierra Leone. Prior to working with the Peace Building Fund, he served as Regional Program Advisor for West Africa and Area Coordinator-Southern Region at the Lutheran World Federation, Department for World Service’s (LWF/DWS’s) West African Bureau.  Patrick also worked for the  European Commission  between 2000-2005 and Sierra Leone Government’s Rehabilitation and Resettlement Program (EC/SLRRP).


 His proven leadership ability  was further amply demonstrated in his effort and experience in developing and appraising post-war resettlement development proposals, ability  in     providing training and support on Participatory Strategic Planning Project PME, Poverty Community Development and Empowerment. In addition to this is his vast experience in the use of participatory techniques in collecting baseline data, planning and implementing projects and programmes for development situations. Patrick received a distinguished  B.sc. (Hons) Degree in Agricultural Economics from   Njala University College-Sierra Leone, and is currently an MA candidate  in Peace and Development from   Njala University College-Sierra Leone. His passion and insight  for humanitarian work has enamoured him to serve as a B-Gifted Foundation's Board of Advisor.



Mohamed Lamin Soh Foundation's Board Of Director

   Mohamed Lamin Soh is a native Sierra

Mohamed Lamin Soh   holds a Bachelor of Science in Economics and Social Studies, Honours in Sociology, from Fourah Bay College, the University of Sierra Leone (1995). Mohamed Lamin Soh also holds a Certificate in Project Development from the Institute of Public Administration and Management (IPAM) University of Sierra Leone. Mohamed Lamin Soh, has a long standing commitment in working with several humanitarian organizations including the GTZ (The German Aid Agency, Action Aid Sierra Leone, to help communities reintegrate from the skirmishes of wars.

Abdulai Bayraytay - Foundation's Board of Director


Abdulai Bayraytay - Abdulai Bayraytay holds an MA in Political Science and International Relations from the Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo, Canada, and a BA Hons in Political Science and International Relations from the Univerity of Sierra Leone. He has worked extensively in peace building and democracy in Sierra Leone and in Canada and for many years in Sierra Leone he held senior positions at The organization Campaign for Good Governance, Democracy and Human Rights in Sierra Leone for many years. He is currently the Personal Assistant and Spokesman to the Minister of Foreign Affairs in Sierra Leone and serves in the Office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Sierra Leone. Abdulai Bayraytay is known for his vocal and outspoken nature in pursuit of democracy and human rights in Sierra Leone during the country's struggles to uphold restore and democracy and human rights tenets .   



Abass Victor Osman Kamara           (Human Rights Director)

Abass Victor Osman Kamara, worked extensively in giving legal advice to several human rights organizations in Sierra Leone. His work as Legal Executive for the Centre for Human Rights and democratic Reform in Sierra Leone, has led to the advancement of the rights of people in the local courts of Sierra Leone. Between 2004-till date, he holds the position as  Legal Executive and research Officer for the Law Reform Commission in Sierra Leone.  Earlier in 2004 he served in the same capacity as Legal Adviser at the Coalition of Civil Society and Human Rights Activists (CCSHRA) and has a long term commitment to working as Research Adviser for the Network Movement for Justice and Development. (NMJD). This service has led to awareness and potential enactment of the Just Mining Act of Sierra Leone that will relieve women and children from the scourges of unjust mining activities that impact them profoundly in mining areas of Sierra Leone. Added to these efforts are other commendable works of Mr. Abass Victor Osman Kamara between 2004 to 2006.   He was Secretary (Sub Committee), in the following subject areas for Reform. These include the  Commercial Use of Land, The Law on Marriage, inheritance and Succession, Law on Citizenship, Law on Conservation and Bush Fire prevention, review of the Anti-Corruption Act 200, and the Law Officer's Act.  


Mr. Abass Kamara has also been consulted widely on various legal issues. In 2004,  (Law Reform Commission), contracted him on the issue of  Mining and the Hazardous Effects on the environment. Abass was a research consultant for Partnership Africa Canada through NMJD,  as well as successfully consulted by the International Development Research Centre (IDRC) Canada, on the Role of Knowledge Management and Organizational Learning on two Ethical initiatives, Arms and the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme (KPCS).  Mr. Abass Kamara was also consulted by Action Plus, an NGO in Sierra Leone for the Simplification of the Gender Act including; Domestic Violence Act of 2007,  Registration of Customary Marriages and Divorces Act 2007, and the Devolution of Estates Act 2007. In 2005, he was a Rappateur for the NGO HANCI Sierra Leone, on the subject of  Trauma Healing, and served in a similar capacity with the NGO Chelshire Home Sierra Leone, relating to the Law on Disability Recommendations  For Incorporation Into the UN Convention on Disability. In addition, he served as member of the Management Committee organized by the Mano River Union Peace Forum Sierra Leone on the issue of Peace within the Sub Region (Sierra Leone Guinea Liberia).  Abass VO Kamara was a teacher of the highest calibre, having served as Senior Teacher at the Prince Of wales Secondary Schools Freetown, Sierra Leone from 1987 through 1993,  preparing students for External Examinations  for over 6 years. Abass V. O Kamara holds a Post-Graduate Diploma in Judicial and Legal Studies, at the Sierra Leone Law School; LLB Hons; B.A. (Gen); HTC (Sec.)  and is currently serving as a Human Rights Officer at B-gifted Foundation. Abass VO Kamara’s hard earned experience in the field of human rights through legal services and his long term commitment working as consultant and researcher at various NGO's is a welcome asset to the work of the B-Gifted Foundation







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