B-Gifted Foundation

Creativity and Technology to Address Human Rights, Enhance Peace and Sustainable Development  

We support innovative and creative programs that enhance youth development and empowerment in Telecom education, peace promotion and human rights. 


"B-GIFTED Foundation seeks to harvest a bountiful vintage of the newest & most venerable ideas from the young brilliant minds of our nation. We seek a true originality of ideas from young people, which might directly benefit & transform our nation, positively & powerfully impacting the lives of many. We seek thoughts & dreams that will revolutionize & astonish our limited perceptions of the world, prodding us toward positive actions that may lead to nation building; whilst, at the same time, original notions that may entertain & enlighten us all at once".

Through a 'Second chance Program, B-Gifted gives youth who have faced hardship from war, Ebola and social problems a second chance, and provide an effective system through a cross-cultural dialogue that give youth hope to catch up from bad luck or bad choices. It empowers youth through skills training in multi-media technology and life's skills.

B-Gifted support young people at every step of their creative journey for to use their distinct voices in photography, music, film, theatre, film composing, drama, episodic storytelling, documentaries and emerging platforms.