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We support a clean, safe and healthy environment  

There are several reasons why B-Gifted supports a clean and safe environment and these reasons show why this issue is ripe for increased attention.                        With the lethal Ebola outbreak in Sierra Leone and West Africa, this known burden of disease created high rate of human tragedy and death. B-Gifted therefore joins the effort to providing Safe drinking water and basic sanitation. This is believed to be of direct relevance to the goal of maternal health and will drastically reduce maternal deaths per year and supportive of the Millennium Development Goals, especially those on major diseases and infant mortality. The effort will help to reduce the burden of disease and decrease its spread massively and with a very favorable cost benefit ratio.

The issues and underlying driving forces of health challenges suggest that this problem is getting worse. World-wide we see increasing provision of health care, increasing complexity of that health care, an increasing proportion of the population that is immunocompromised (and therefore more susceptible to health care related infection) from a variety of causes including especially HIV/AIDS; an increasing ageing population.

With the clarion call from International Development Partners, the international policy environment that now calls for renewed attention to this. In light of the outcome of the recent 13th session of the Commission on Sustainable Development noted that investments in water and sanitation contribute to better health and must be focused on areas of greatest needs and greatest impact notably health centers. Its relevance is also the reason for the United Nations Secretary General and Millennium Project to specifically highlight the importance of rapidly addressing 'quick wins' - identifying specifically provision to health-care facilities.