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Creativity and Technology to Address Human Rights, Enhance Peace and Sustainable Development  

Alusine Kamara (Alus) is a youth leader at B-Gifted who is currently working on a variety of innovative organizations and projects such as 'Gifted Children-Gift to a Nation', 'tourism and education', peace building and the environment,

Alusine has steadfastly built on the knowledge he gained whilst a student at the International Education and Research Network (iEARN), where he said he "knew nothing about the world in making a difference". Through his association with the non-profit educational group at iEARN, Alusine 'learned about computer and other related education issues which helped him and other youth in 'making a difference around the world.

"The most exciting thing is that I learned about collaboration and community base projects, where youthlook at problems in their communities, identified these problems and find innovative solutions to tackle them". Alusine says. 

With these skills, and after acquiring this knowledge in this prodigious organization, Alus ventured into his own community to solve the educational needs of other kids of his ilk, who lack access to education. It is also Alusine Kamara's belief that "the most powerful weapon we can used in changing the world is Education".

In his small community, Alus began his activism with 10 children in 2009, and exposed these young lives to the digital age of the 21st  first centuries. Through his initiaive "Gift To A Nation" Alus made educational technology facilities available to deprived children in the Lakka Community.

Alus goes on to say that "the impact that we make in the lives of these children that are currently enrolled to the advantages of the opportunities we have made available is huge. Everytime the number increase we know that we are making more impact and changing more lives and the news is getting around".

Alus is also the founder of "The feeding Minds Fighting Hunger Camp". The camp empowers children severely disadvataged by war, Ebola and homelessness, orphans and help raise awareness about the importance of education, creative arts, peace building and technology to these children who totally lack the forum of being together and sharing things in common. At the camp, the children participate and collaborate in
making a difference.

Alus gives further advatages of the 'Children feeding Minds Fighting Hunger Camp'. "what makes the camp so fabulous is that it gives children the opportunities to realize their dreams and accept responsibilities at an early age and children learn many curriculum in the camp. They learn about the world and their environment. The children who attend the camp with deep anger and bitterness now talked about their dreams to
become Doctors, Lawyers, Teachers, Police, Actors and actresses, musicians.
In Alus's community in the Village at Lakka, Education is less value to many families and often an alternative to education. Alus says that at Lakka Village "children serve their parents in several child labor activities to bring day to day income instead of sending them to school to acquired learning". In his efforts 2011 his team open the doors of learning and an opportunity for poor  and at risk children to access education and
technology .
Alusine also volunteered with the US Embassy in Freetown and the embassy endorsed their projects and activities and created more visibility for their progams. Alusine and his group of young leaders also achived a major success by hosting their Fourth Annual Summer Camp On the 15 of July 2013 with a theme” Transforming the world One Child at a time”. They intend to continue this educational and summer camp for children every year.  

From 2009 to 2012 Alusine's small team of volunteers have carried out yearly activities at the Lakka Community to change the lives of these children with the 'Feeding Minds Fighting Hunger Summer camps. Today the efforts have attracted with over sixty children in this community to attend the camp.
He will continue to give 'Gift to a Nation' through B-Gifted Programs and his own many endeavors. .


Boyfred Kailie. (Youth Innovator)


Boyfred Kailie is a youth innovator and youth leader with diverse talents. His passion for watching and playing soccer, hiking, reading, ICT and photography, has energized him to reach out to many communities in Sierra Leone where he helps other youth to cope in difficult circumstances and help them improve communication skills through his technological ability and make sense in the world. He has worked hard in the technological project Digital Hope and put his academic and social ability to help amputees interact via technology. He is currently in his Second year in the faculty of Management and Science for the Degree of Bachelor of Science (B.Sc in Applied Accounting. His module includes Management, Accounting, Auditing, taxation, Financial Statements, Ethics and Responsibility. He is a unique talent at B-Gifted and continues to contribute on innovative technology for helping in human rights, peace and the disabled amputees



Adams Musa Kamara  Adams Musa Kamara  is a Student Youth Representative for human rights at the B-Gifted Foundation of Sierra Leone. Prior to working at B-Gifted Foundation's peace and human rights programs,  he volunteered for Peace Child International Sierra Leone, 'Be the change project'.  He has also been on the outreach team of the Human Rights and children's rights at the Defense for Children international (DCI) Sierra Leone. He is  a young professional with a focus on children's rights Gender equality and poverty alleviation.



Barrie Alpha

Barrie ALpha has worked on the Youth Millennium Anti-Drug abuse project Sierra Leone with support from the B-Gifted Foundation, The project is about the abuse of drugs in the project by young people in the environment, and my aim is to teach these young people about the abuse of drugs and show them ways to stop these habit.