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Upcoming Internship.

Patrick Bartholomew Kekulah Benedict Sovie

During his final quarter of his course at  Northeastern University School Of Law in the United States, Patrick Bartholomew Kekulah Benedict Sovie will participate in a 3 months Co-op with the B-Gifted Foundation, a Human Right Organization in Sierra Leone and Liberia. During his co-op at B-Gifted Foundation, Patrick hopes to gain the invaluable experience with the organization’s Human Rights staff and expand his legal research and writing skills within the field of Law and public policy, human rights law, disability rights; understanding how the law can help disabled persons and more specifically amputee victims of Sierra Leone’s war.

Patrick believes that he will also consider using his experience to help develop programs that will also inform and teach human rights to students. This will be one of the most rewarding aspects of his  Co-op, facilitating his own continued thirst for knowledge and learning to help solve many problems via legal means.

Patrick says he 'anticipate that working with B-Gifted will be a catalyst for my professional and intellectual development in public policy and human rights and the same way that my experience will serve in the mission of B-Gifted in address human rights, enhance peace and development.'   His personal interest in these areas is not only because of his  experiences but also because he is also interested in pursuing work in the field of sustainable development in the context of human rights and Public Policy.


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Keisha Luce and Kirk Torregrossa on the (Sculpture Project) with victims of Amputation to use molding, sculpture and photography techniques to capture the body images of those whose bodies were badly shaped and face transfiguration as a result of warfare 


Photo by: Kirk Torregrossa



Internship Registration Cost to B-Gifted Sierra Leone For International Students 

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For Sierra Leonean students wishing to intern with B-Gifted, Please fill out the form and send all necessary information including passport picture, two letters of recommendation, 1 page summary of proposed work in the area of peace building, human rights and teahnology to: b.giftedoundation@gmail.com

  • Registration fees for 2- 3 weeks Internship: $ 500
  • Registration fees for 1- 2 Months Internship: $ 1000
  • Registration fees for 2- 3 Months Internship: $ 1500

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