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The Digital Hope Project - (Technology and App for War Amputees) 


The project is using ICT as a tool to creating an inclusive information society. The Project is using ICT as a tool to creating an online collaborative learning platform for war victims whose arms and limbs were amputated during Sierra Leone's war. The beneficiaries engage in online platform to share their stories to the rest of the world. 

Through the use of digital media storytelling, their plight are known, and they  now draw humanitarian concerns to their plight whilst at the same time receive training and skills in new media, entrepreneurship and technology. Stories which are rarely heard in the news from Sierra Leone are finally finding its place in the media. The definitive stories of these victims who have lived through these awful civil war are told by the victims themselves who lived through it, making the stories authentic and untainted, and a chilling exposure of some of the worst war crimes and crimes against humanity of recent times. Digital Hope is the culmination of the past three years of using new media and technology to help victims to share their true and authentic stories to the world. It began with the ITU media awards in Geneva 2011 and through a pilot grant support from the UN International Telecommunication Union (ITU).  

The Digital hope project is related to sustainable economic activities through online products. The project is also related to entrepreneurial, capitalizing on untapped local pockets of opportunity. These set of learners are urged to collaborate on projects that enhances capacity and growth. A portion of profits is used to defray program costs and trainer salaries. Trainers teach essential IT academic, entrepreneurial and personal skills through a scaffold of sequential educational activities.

The project creates a wider network for these category of war victims to successfully carve a niche for themselves, utilizing the available resources in ICT to help them realize their entrepreneurial and creative dreams, as well as discover talents previously unknown to them.


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