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Creativity and Technology to Address Human Rights, Enhance Peace and Sustainable Development  



This list is not exhaustive and so we will keep updating soon!!!

 The B-Gifted foundation is blessed with many personal contacts. Many  wonderful  people are taking to heart our efforts  and aspirations  at  b-Gifted Foundation.  There words of encouragement, moral support, and continous prop and stay are the building blocks upon which the B-Gifted Foundation's structure and development is built. We will keep this page as a testament to there love, care, and motivation of us, and our boundless appreciation. May God richly bless you.
  • Nancy Wright also (in loving memory of of our beloved Founding Director of the Sauve Scholars Foundation (Jim Wright) Canada
  • Margaret, Cecilia, Andrew Benson Greene Snr (of blessed Memory, and Agatha Greene UK
  • Abdul Karim Sesay (Principal Ahmadiyyah Secondary School Sierra Leone)
  • Matthias Sesay.
  • Paul Shore - Canada
  • Leigh Anne Sippel - USA
  • Solomon H. Lebbie - Sierra Leone
  • James Foster - USA
  • Rachel Goldberg - USA
  • Paul Bueno de Mesquita - USA
  • Fatoumata Fofanah - USA/Sierra Leone
  • Violet Strike - USA
  • Sarika Jain
  • Cecilia Greene
  • Margaret Greene
  • Mia Matilainen
  • Michael Leventhal
  • Agatha Greene 
  • Dr. Hamadoun I. Toure
  • Dimitrina Todorova
  • Regina Sipos
  • Nancy Deyo










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