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Creativity and Technology to Address Human Rights, Enhance Peace and Sustainable Development  








 At b-Gifted we invite all of you to understand about the generosity of our foundation, and the depth of the tenacity of our courage, passion, achievement and vision. 


You will come to notice that at B-gifted Foundation, you will learn about and appreciate gifted people, who are holding high the touch of creativity, lighting its glow. You will learn about how we identify and develop the talents of young people and women to use those creative gifts to explore those talents to huddle pass those challenges in the passage from grief to healing, war to peace and utilize those gift at their disposal to benefit the wider society. You will also appreciate as we do, gifted people who are unleashing their talents to better humanity. 


We strive to unearth the future thinkers who will help shape our society for the better, and through their God-Given gift, we will recognize and honor their efforts and learn from them as thinkers with a sharp creative mind, support and inspire them to reach their creative vision.


We believe in such talents and intellectual insights are not just our country’s greatest assets but also those of humanity. At b-Gifted, we will aspire for new ideas, new vision, new theories, that are creative, thought provoking, and that can challenge conventional wisdom. 


We stimulate therefore the curious, inquiry and creative mind to analyze critically and recognize the courage required to be dogged in their efforts and persist in the face of the very rejection of their work, ideas, dreams, vision and intuition. We encourage them to have a broader horizon, and appreciate cultural heritage and the ability to communicate ideas. We hope to make it possible for untold thousands of people to live a life that is productive, healthy, and satisfying, through their creative efforts, that will contribute to a stronger and growing economy, that serves this currency of change, that is so much needed not only in post-conflict Sierra Leone but in our modern global society.


We value too that education is a basic human rights, and people should have the utmost freedom to learn, to have the opportunity to express themselves. In many cases the barriers posed is so large,  but at the Benson Greene International Foundation Towards Enhancing, Development, (B-Gifted), it is when these barriers exist that energize us to surmount them.


It is our hope and belief that we will continue to succeed in enabling people who have developed  good ideas, to develop and encourage such idea that will lead to continued development. We will, with all of you well-meaning citizens of the world, break the challenges and  innovate our future, in a way that leverages our country, and the people of our world.


In many ways with our ideas, we will utilize technology, in visioning a different future, where human creativity will help transform the thinking mode. We will continue to harness the powerful importance of creativity that occurs at all levels, even in the grass root levels, to ensure that we address issues of human rights, peace, environment, health and youth problems and with the consciousness that there is need for a tool to formulate responsibility to stimulate creativity, and at B-Gifted Foundation we will continue to offer such  tools.


We aspire also to encourage children to be gifted and gifted children to be early bloomers who will from an early age begin to help shed a light through the dark path from which Sierra Leone, our country has emerged through the dismal years of war in which children were victims as child soldiers.


We will therefore encourage women and children to abandon the idea of thinking in a straight line, and allow society to value new creative ideas from  people as well as recognize that the creativity in an individual is owned by their nation and the whole society. Therefore we encourage individuals to proffer their vision and creative ideas to address society’s problems and contribute to our core themes and program priorities.

The organization has successfully implemented programs that continue to serve the common good and we hope to further expand on the gains we have made which have been so far recognized by the Pan African Entrepreneurship in Education, The International Telecommunication Union (UN -ITU) and the National Telecommunication Company and individuals and several organizations.

I am therefore made bold to say without any hesitation that we remain proud of what we have achieved and continue to achieve. At the cornerstone of peace and democracy lies the common goal of protecting people's peaceful co-existence so that wars and strives will never happen again.

As visioneers and thinkers, we are doing so and taking advantage of the latest tools at our disposal such as creativity, innovation through technology, communication that will help us solve many of society's greatest challenges.


Andrew Benson Greene, Jr 


Founder and CEO

Sauvé Scholar 2004/5 McGill University, Canada.




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